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Beads and Buttons Galore, High Street, Prahran

In 2004, Francis Whitton and Beads & Buttons Galore made a 5 year commitment to the Costume Diploma students to support their costuming careers by offering a scholarship program each year. The class of 2004 were given the chance to visit India for 3 weeks and to do work placement in the beading industry. Hayley was the winner of that year's scholarship. This year's destination is Vancouver, Canada. Judging of the scholarship is based on the design and construction of one male and one female period costume as well as the Diploma marks and that elusive "X-factor".

Judging criteria for this scholarship will take into account the design process as well as the technical aspects of costume making. Design components might include theatricality and characterisation, research, folio presentation as well as drawing, design and choice of fabrics. Technical aspects are the practical interpretation of designs, drafting and fit, construction including durability and finishing.

As well as the scholarship being a very excited prospect for the costume students, it is also a very important contribution that Francis and her team and providing to the performing arts community.

The results of the Beads and Buttons Galore scholarship will be announced at the Illusions of Grandeur end of year show in November 2005.

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CLOC Theatre Company

Every year, the CLOC Theatre Company provides the Swinburne costume students with a design competition. This year, our assignment was to design costumes for the 1930s musical, Steel Pier, which is being produced by the CLOC theatre company for October 2005.

Although our designs won't be used for this year's show, the best designer, as judged by CLOC, will be invited to design the costumes for a season next year. The Costume Designer for the actual production of Steel Pier is Kelly Farrow who won the scholarship competition in 2003.

Judging criteria for this competition are based on designs and drawings that indicate clearly the characters being portrayed, fabric colours and textures, the cut and detail of the costumes, and how the designs fit in with the concept of the production.

The results of the CLOC costume design competition will be announced at the Illusions of Grandeur end of year show in November 2005.