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Illusions of Grandeur : the production

"Illusions of Grandeur" is a theatrical event produced and staged to showcase the design and construction skills of the 2005 Swinburne Costume graduates. As emerging Costume designers and technicians, the graduates present original costumes that take influence from eras from Tudor to Victorian through to the 1930's. The costumes will be staged by performers whose talents range from acting to dancing, cabaret to stilt walking, acrobatics or juggling.

As well as creating costumes, the graduates oversee the entire production of the show. This includes roles such as location scouting, fundraising, sponsorship applications, lighting design or stage management.

Following the season, a number of exhibitions will be held into 2006 at various venues throughout Melbourne.

Our Mission Statement

The 2005 Swinburne Costume students aim to promote the art of costume by producing a theatrical event through the collaboration of passionate and creative individuals.

Event Details

For details of our mid-year fundraising parade, our end-of-year show, our end-of-season exhibition and other events, please see our events page.

Our events include:

Bobby Sock's Variety Show

B-grade movie horror party

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Father's Day Movie

End-of-Year Parade

Swinburne Diploma of Entertainment: Costume Design

This course combines, over the course of two years, practical studies, industry simulation and industry placement to enhance students' overall knowledge, networking and experience in the entertainment industry.

Students have worked co-operatively on a range of professional productions including stage, film, television, theatre festival and promotional work.

The graduates' career potential is broad based within the theatre, film, promotional and costume hire industries leading to working as a costume technician, wardrobe coordinators, designer/makers and self employed costumiers. With further study, students could pursue production management, design, millinery or fashion.

We will be inviting representatives from the arts and entertainment industry to support these emerging members of their industry.

The 2005 class is the largest so far in the 12 years of the Diploma of Entertainment (Costume) and 65% bigger than last year's. Each year, the standard of output from the students increases as does the prestige of their end of year show. This year we are seeking assistance from our sponsors, in the hope that they can assist us in raising the bar even further.

We have more information regarding Swinburne, as well as information on the costume department.


Who does Illusions of Grandeur involve?

National Institute of Circus Arts (Also on Swinburne, Prahran Campus)
Swinburne Diploma of Arts (Small Companies & Community Theatre)
Swinburne Diploma of Entertainment (Costume) students
Swinburne Certificate IV Entertainment (Costume) students
Swinburne Diploma of Entertainment (Make-up) students

Over 150 members will be involved with roles such as:
  • Designers
  • Producers
  • Performers/models
  • Dressers
  • Choreography
  • Artistic directors
  • Production co-ordinators
  • Runners
  • Stage managers and assistants
  • Lighting technicians
  • Catering and beverage attendants
  • Riggers
  • Sound technicians
  • Front of house staff
  • Graphic designers
  • Sponsorship team
  • Fundraising team
  • Treasury
  • Administrators
  • Promotions and marketing
  • Ushers

Our Supporters

Illusions of Grandeur has already been pledged financial and in-kind support by:
  • Website design and programming by LogicalMuse.com
  • Beads and Buttons Galore
  • Swinburne University, School of Arts, Hospitality and Science
  • Melbourne Arts centre, Smorgon Family Plaza Exhibition Space
  • Telstra (for use of exhibition space)
  • Immediate Pty Ltd
  • Buttonmania


Mid year parade

Capacity and Attendees:

  • 117 seated capacity per night
  • 2 nights at full capacity
  • 234 attendees
Target demographic:

  • General public
  • Arts, theatre and costume enthusiasts
  • Industry representatives
    (theatre, film, television, retail)
  • Family and friends
2005 Costume Graduate Show

Capacity and Attendees:

  • 350 seated capacity per night
  • 3 nights at full capacity
  • 1050 attendees
  • (Previous shows average: 900-1000)
Target demographic:

  • General public
  • Arts, theatre and costume enthusiasts
  • Industry representatives
    (theatre, film, television, retail)

Publicity and Media Support

Direct mail

  • Internet, email and mailing list
  • Through the entertainment industry and Swinburne community, we have people who have requested notification
  • A mailout will occur no less than three times before November, per event
  • Estimated numbers:
    Industry based: 350
    General public: 600
Web site

Press Coverage

  • Swinburne University student publications (Tabula Rasa, The Swine)
  • North Melbourne Arts House brochure and electronic display
  • www.thatsmelbourne.com.au
  • MX magazine/Herald Sun
  • Beat/Impress street press
  • StageWhispers publications
  • Publications for Illusions of Grandeur productions produced for publicity, or otherwise.

  • North Melbourne Arts House
  • Swinburne University campuses (Prahran & Hawthorn)
Other possibilities

  • Channel 7, 10, 31 and Foxtel digital
  • Community Radio (PBS, RRR, SynFM, JoyFM)
  • Additional promotion negotiated through sponsors (eg Beads & Buttons Galore)

Benefits for our Sponsors

  • Our major sponsor will appear on all promotional material as, for example:

      'Costume Inc' proudly presents:

        Illusions of Grandeur: the Art of Costume
        2005 Swinburne Costume Graduates

  • Company logos will appear on signage, publicity material and programs
  • Company logos will appear on website
  • Possible website link
  • Complimentary VIP tickets to show
  • Association with Swinburne University community
  • Association as a patron of the Arts and of educational institutions
  • All donations are fully tax deductible

Budget Estimate

April 2005

Proposed total expenditure $15,495

Venue Hire2,120
hall, kitchen & meeting room
Other equipment hire and staging400
Hall Keepers @ $27.50 per hour1,760
Technical Supervisors (2)800
- Print
- Other
- Printing
- Distribution
- Publicity
- Private Security
Food and liquor105
- Hire of mannequins
- Lighting
- Distribution
- Transport
- Opening nights

As you know, there will most likely be many 'hidden' costs that cannot be budgeted for at the present.

However, hopefully, due to the generosity of sponsors, this will be balanced by much appreciated support.


Lih-Qun Wong / Carmen Miller

Wendy Black

  • Course Co-ordinator Costume
  • Ph: 9214 6811 Fax: 9510 9328
"Illusions of Grandeur"

  • C/O Wendy Black
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • TAFE Department of Arts
  • Building PB level 2
  • St John's Street
  • PRAHRAN 3181