Jane Burt

jane From the age of six, Jane has been looking for her niche. Trialling every form of artistic expression from dance through drama and poetry, she found her preference and passion for costume design.

Originally, Jane intended to be on stage. She loved the contained madness of theatre and the way it's possible to create and explore other worlds. She studied Fashion, Theatre and Drama at Swinburne Senior Secondary College for her VCE. It was there that Jane discovered that having her costumes on stage, meant that she was. Jane had always loved performing, but this was even better!

In 2003 Jane studied Fashion at Box Hill TAFE only to discover that this was not quite her style. During this time she also attended an 8-week Costume Design course run by Felicity Hardy. This course opened Jane's eyes to a new way of thinking. Costume allowed her to experience history through fashion as well as pushing her as an artist to capture the essence of a character.

In 2004 Jane commenced studies at Swinburne University of TAFE, Diploma of Entertainment (Costume), where she continues to pursue her passion.

Jane's passion and inspiration keep her well on the path to becoming a very creative designer.

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